About Us

The Chicago International Produce Market (CIPM)is a state-of-the-art terminal produce market and one of the few terminal produce markets left in America. A Terminal Market is a central cite that serves as an assembly and trading place for commodities; an organized market in a city into which large quantities of agricultural products are shipped for distribution and sale.

Terminal Market Benefits

The Chicago International Produce Market consists of 22 different businesses in one conveneint location that allows produce buyers from all over the Midwest to purchase the best quality and greatest variety of fresh produce available. No single produce company can offer the diversity and availability of product offered at a terminal market. Wholesalers, Jobbers and Retail buyers all find CIPM as THE SOURCE for fresh in the Midwest.

What we offer

sample imageCIPM merchants offer the widest possible selection of fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts, dried fruits, herbs, spices, and specialty dry goods. If an item is available anywhere in the world, chances are that one or more of our merchants has it in stock and ready for purchase. Our modern facility has the latest in ripening technologies to meet the specifications of the most discriminating customer.

Where we deliver

sample imageDelivery can be arranged to vitually anywhere by ground or air. Normal daily deliveries to the Chicagoland area can be set up with ease, and Midway airport is but a short distance from our facility. Many different transportation options are available to suit just about any customer request. Cee Bee Cartage is our on-site cartage company with trucks ready to deliver to your door. Ask any merchant about delivery choices that will fit your needs.